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An Extraordinary Workshop that
Builds Trust, Collaboration and Empathy,
and Enhances Communication

“As participants learn to partner juggle they are somatically engaging in a dialog of understanding, cooperation and interdependence. This results in a deeper connection and stronger empathy for each other. This workshop breaks down barriers, fosters connection and cultivates empathy…something that is so needed in the world today”

What We Offer

We enhance and transform organizations by facilitating innovative workshops that spark cooperation, creativity, and community in the workplace.

What People Say

“Afterward, communication within the team was transformed. People who had difficulties getting on with each other were interacting together like I’d never seen before. It’s amazing what this brought to the table”
– Kian, aerospace engineer

“This workshop has a surprisingly simple but very effective way of bonding people together .  There was a lot of  amazing magic happening within our team. We  were captivated”
– Madison, CIO

“This is the only workshop I’ve seen that uses the seemingly impossible task of  juggling to demonstrate that with the right training and communication anything is possible”
– Oliver, systems engineer

The Workshop

The Partner Juggling workshop is designed to build connection between participants; As participants learn to partner juggle they are somatically engaging in a dialog of understanding, cooperation and interdependence resulting in a deeper connection and stronger empathy for each other.

Who We Are

John Crowley has been involved in community building in corporate environments for over 20 years. John has worked internationally with Siemens, Disney, Delta Airlines AMEX, Toshiba, Norwegian  Cruise-lines, Datalex, among others.

Isn’t Juggling a Solo Thing?

Yes, but Partner Juggling is not! It can serve to break down social barriers and provide the opportunity to create positive relationships and resolve tensions through the interaction. Partner juggling helps people come together by providing a common focus and goal.

Can Anyone Do This?

Absolutely. While there are countless variations on juggling, everyone can gain satisfaction and reap the benefits of this practice by juggling even 1 ball.  Typically, most people learn to partner juggle with 4 balls within an hour or two.

How Will This Help My Team?

Researchers and physicians believe that juggling is an active form of meditation that strengthens mental focus and stimulates brain growth and cognitive power.

A strong and effective modern workplace is an environment created by people who develop the ability to juggle whatever comes their way in collaboration with their team-mates to better master any situation.

What Will This Workshop Be Like?

Participants are paired up into teams of two and are then set to the task of creating their own juggling balls from the materials provided.  Once the teams have created enough balls, participants are shown the basics of partner juggling. Partners stand facing each other with a ball in each hand and learn to partner juggle by simultaneously throwing and passing in a circular pattern.

Why Partner Juggling?

The Partner Juggling Workshop was developed by John Crowley and Diane Gentile to break down communication barriers and build trust and cooperation between high school students. It was so successful that a corporate team-building workshop has emerged and is proving to be extraordinary successful.

It is a powerful experience that brings people together through highly interactive and engaging teamwork, leaving participants with a strong sense of achievement, collaboration, and connectedness.

Participants are challenged to overcome personal fears and anxieties as we go to the core of relationship-building and, in a surprisingly unconventional way, nurture and develop a stronger sense of team and community.


  • Forges an empathetic experience through overcoming challenges together
  • Enables a spirit of collaboration and connectedness
  • Strengthens the culture of cooperation through playfulness and fun


  • Levels the playing field and activates healthy and engaging communication
  • Supports and enriches existing teams from a fresh and innovative perspective
  • Creates a healthy and dynamic foundation for any new teams in your organization
  • Develops a group sense of social intelligence through a shared experience


  • Encourages curiosity, being present, and leaving your comfort zone
  • Ignites the ability to embrace change, uncertainty, and challenges
  • Stimulates a meditative state to better handle work/life balance

Nurtures an atmosphere of empathy leading to heightened emotional intelligence

“A totally fun experience that left our team with a new can-do spirit.”

Jamie V.

“ The team felt really bonded afterwards; I saw people creating relationships and having fun like never before.”

Peter C.

“This workshop has a very unconventional way of drawing people in; we were captivated.”

Ingo G.

“We all know we should meditate each day, and we don’t. This workshop opened up a new way for me to clear my mind, and showed me a practice that brings me into a meditative state of mind instantly, and best of all, it is doable.”

Eric B.

“Sometimes a group of people just need a little help to create the community glue that bonds them. Our team got this and more from the Partner Juggling workshop. Get your team to book this and you will be amazed.”

Victoria P.

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