Turkey Trot & food drive a huge success – raffle winners announced

Dear Trotters!

First we thank our Sponsors who led the way for our excellent fund drive. SOMO Village, Traditional Medicinals, Lagunitas, Strauss Organics, Brewsters Beer Garden, Petaluma Market, Athletic Soles, ZFA Structural Engineers and Petaluma Oddfellows.

This virtual event and fundraiser was brought to you by MAD architecture, Aqus Community and the City of Petaluma.

You helped raise $5000 that went directly to the Redwood Empire Food Bank!
The canned food drive at Aqus Cafe was also a huge success bringing in 6 huge bins of food.

From a random online generator, the participating names were entered and multiplied if over $10 donation. The prizes are available for pick up at Aqus Cafe at 189 H Street, Petaluma and open from 8am to 6pm everyday.

Announcing this year’s winners!

Jessica Notheis – Lucy O’conner – Rene Casilli – Mellisa Byrne – Jared Vollmer – Jill White  – Kathleen O’Donnell  – Daniel Mulkey – Jeannette Dow  – Judy Lynch  – Jen Moratta  – Laura Grandcolas  – Cedony Farrar  – Pennylee Christensen  – Carlin Finke  – Marlene Cullen  – Elizabeth Manning  – Candice Aguirre  – Paul Siri

And if you are looking to have more fun please join us for this
year’s carol singing event on the 23rd….just a little different this year:

Mary, Chris, Kevin, Diane & John