Aqus Cafe Gift Cards – THANK YOU

Patio seating is now available!!  Come for breakfast, lunch, afternoon delights and early dinner.

Gift cards are available for pick up Mon/Fri 8am-3pm or by arrangement.  Please chat with Lesley at the cafe at 7077786060



We reopened Aqus Cafe yesterday.  It was a beautiful day in so many ways. Huge thanks to everyone.
See you soon. We’ll be there for you.

Lesley, John, Placido, Elizabeth, Juan, Norma, Chelsea, Mel, Aimee, Sam, Rory, Amber & Solé.


We are delighted to be in a position to open the cafe for Togo order some time this week!! It will have been 9 weeks since we closed the doors. We’ll let you know as we get closer. HUGE thanks to everyone for your support during these times. We’ll have all those gift cards ready for pick-up when we open.
AND don’t forget to come to tonight’s Beatles singalong starting 7pm. there will be a surprise activity at the end. See you tonight:



Hi everyone,

Let me start out by thanking each and every one of you that purchased a gift card in advance of Aqus Cafe re-opening. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we all are for your unparalleled support, kindness and generosity, you are all completely amazing! The funds we received so far have been  instrumental in paying off vendors, utilities and also contributed generously to payroll. Without it we would still be in the weeds (to use a restaurant term) Again thank you all so much.

The staff and I are all well and just waiting for the day we can open the doors and begin to serve all of you again. John and I decided we do not want to open for to go and curbside pickup only, we much prefer that those of you who care to are able to sit and enjoy your coffee, tea, breakfast or lunch, in a physical distancing kind of way of course. Those details will need to be ironed out, but, if it means we space our tables up and down 2nd Street then so be it. I’m certain once we do open the hours will be modified, at least for a while, though our menu should remain the same, including, of course my famous avocado toast. The smiley faces you see behind the counter will be the same ones you last saw in early March. 

I was able to secure a small PPP loan, which has enabled me to begin paying some of our staff that perhaps are not receiving any governmental support, I’ll just leave that there… I’m sure most of you know the terms of the PPP loan,  75% of it must pay the payroll, and within the next eight weeks, let’s hope we can open before the money runs out. The additional funds will contribute to rent, sales taxes and utilities. Oh, and hopefully a new bathroom floor which the SCHD had required us to do prior to Covid-19. Some of the loan is forgivable some is not, I’m being as careful as I can on deciding how to allocate it.

To that end any more gift card monies we receive will offset me digging into that loan and allow it to be used almost entirely for payroll, which for John and I is the single most important thing. We want to make sure all our staff are financially secure and that they are able to feed their families. They are our top priority. We can’t wait for the day we open and can get back to being our little Aqus Cafe family.

We miss you all, and can’t wait till we meet again

Until that day, stay safe and stay sane, we can get though this, it’s just a blip in the fabric of our lives. We will emerge as better people I’m sure of it.

With affection.

Lesley, John, Placido, Elizabeth, Juan, Norma, Chelsea, Mel, Aimee, Sam, Rory, Amber & Solé.