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“We all are becoming more aware and committed to addressing our Climate Emergency.  I knew that I needed to make the leap to install solar at my house but  I didn’t know who to trust.  John Crowley was that trusted person for me.  He walked me through all the benefits and options.  He was knowledgeable and a strong project manager.  The whole install went well.  He stayed on every detail and now I am a very happy solar owner. ”
– Kevin McDonnell, Engineer & Petaluma City Council Member

“We are very pleased with the service and level of detail John provided us regarding the installation of SunRun solar. He was very thorough in his explanation of the rationale and advantages of going solar, patiently answering any and all questions, and was on-site during the installation process. We found John, along with Sunrun, to be reliable and dependable and recommend him without reservation.”
– Meredith & Mike Simpson, Retired Petaluma Highschool Principal

“On day one we were able to avoid a local power outage, so the system has already proven itself in that regard. Thanks again to John Crowley at Sunrun for the smooth process getting our solar power system set up, including a Tesla Powerwall battery for backup. Highly recommended to anyone thinking about going solar and doing something for the future of the planet.”
Meret & Dani Piderman, Artist & Designer

“I recently had the distinct pleasure of working with John Crowley to set up having solar panels installed at my home in Petaluma by Sun Run Solar. He was helpful and informative at every step of the process. We started with an initial Q & A session via Zoom. John explained the process from an inspection on the roof through connection & the subsequent savings on the electric portion of my PG & E bill.  I know John to be an honest & trustworthy man, & dedicated to moving Petaluma to power via solar energy.”
Dr. Leslie Crane, Associate Professor

“I highly recommend John Crowley if you are pursuing going solar at your home. He is easy to talk to, thorough, and will go to the ends of the Earth to find the answers to any questions or concerns you may have. Through your exploration with John you will be given a complete solar education and you will get a real clear perspective on how solar will benefit you financially and environmentally. He is so warm, by the end of your experience you will not only be sold on solar but you will likely have made a dear friend. Unfortunately, our roof did not support a solar option but we hope to find a way to bring solar to our home someday soon.”

Melissa Abercrombie,  Artist and Event organizer

“We are extremely happy with our decision to go solar with John Crowley. The process couldn’t have been easier. John was very attentive in answering our questions, streamlined the process, and has been great about following up afterwards to ensure we are satisfied with our decision. He’s also helped us with energy saving tips.  It was the easiest choice we’ve ever made to do something good for the environment while also saving money.”
– Amanda Bassler & Todd Davidson, Mental Health Care Professional & Sales Manager

“I had the opportunity in the spring of 2020, to work with John Crowley in the application of solar panels on my home’s rooftop.  He was the sales representative for Vivint Solar Co. He soon won my confidence with his knowledge and passion in solar energy.  He closely supervised the project to make my home solar compatible. The solar panels on my roof look beautiful and professionally placed. They give me a sense of pride that I’m doing my part in making my City a solar dependent community. Thank you, John!”
– Dr Lydia Schindler, Health Care Professional