Aqus Community:
Presentations held at Aqus Cafe are organized by our nonprofit partner, Aqus Community Foundation. We ask that people giving presentations at the café become members of Aqus Community not only to take advantage of our outreach but also to enjoy the benefits of engaging in our vibrant community. The Aqus Community Foundation is a 501c3 organization that has as its core mission to elevate our Social Capital and build community. We do this by creating opportunities and venues for community members to connect with, entertain, educate, and inspire each other. Joining is not expensive and collected funds go toward helping get people connected, informed and engaged. Being a member also gives you the opportunity to reach over 5000 locals and share not only all of your events but news items, classifieds and free community offerings.
Sign up here:

Event Marketing Checklist: Want to draw a crowd? Here’s how you do it:

1. Presentations are always on a Monday or Tuesday evening 7-8pm.  Coordinate with to select a date: Calendar
2. Create an event flier. Members may use our logo if the event is at the cafe, ( Post your flier to our physical bulletin board at Aqus Café and around town – see
3. Submit your flier to be posted on and e-blasted through Aqus News; use JPG or PDF format. You will need to sign up here to gain access to posting. You may register as a Small Business, Sole Proprietor,or Nonprofit Organization. (individual member cannot post events)
4. If you have a FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media accounts, post your flier there. AND be sure to create a Facebook event. Please send links to us at
5. Send us links to any social media event you’ve created so that we may help promote it there as well:
6. Send a press release to Petaluma Argus Courier editor, Try to include a photo and flier. They need about 10 days prior notice to publish an event.
7. Post your event to – it’s easy, fast and a great way to get the word out.

If you expect to draw a large audience to your event (25 or more people) you may present a PowerPoint or video presentation. Obviously if there are only a few people there for the presentation, we ask that the presentation not be projected or amplified out of respect for our other guests who may be there.

There is a pull-down screen and a projector that has a VGA Cable – 1.35m VGA 15 Pin Male plug that will plug into your computer. If your computer does not have this you will need to come with an adapter.

We also have a wireless microphone however we ask that this not be used unless the entire cafe is occupied by people specifically attending the presentation. Note: If you plan to use any of the a/v equipment you must test the connectivity set-up the week prior as our staff may be busy serving customers and may not have the time and/or knowledge to help with the technical set up on the evening of your event.

WiFi is available and is usually about 90mbs download and 15mbs upload. However, we recommend not depending on the internet if at all possible.

Please keep in mind, Aqus is a cafe and with that there are cafe noises, espresso machines, dishwashers, plates being cleared, etc. Also please be aware that we are open to the public at all times and there will be people present that are not part of your event. This is generally not a problem as they’ll either sit outside or at the far end of the cafe. Also please be aware of the cafe closing times and have the presentation end with enough time to include Q&A and breakdown. Mondays and Tuesdays we close at 8pm.