Petaluma Urban Chat newsletter – Feb15th

CALENDAR NOTES – “More Details” below provides further information, including links, for all events.
Monday, February 22 – Petaluma City Council – Consideration of zoning code changes to restrict future gas stations and more
Wednesday, February 24 – Know Before You Grow – First forum of the General Plan Education Series
Thursday, March 18 – General Plan Advisory Committee – Initial meeting
I’m again interrupting a holiday for which I apologize.  But this Monday holiday email is part of a transition now underway.
At least one and possibly more organizations are now forwarding this email, with Urban Chat’s enthusiastic consent, to their membership.  Therefore, it has become important to have the emails in their hands early Monday morning.  But I can’t always trust my Monday morning schedule.  Also, not many meetings get added to calendars over weekends.  So, Friday afternoon is now the target for all future calendar emails.  And even if I get stymied, Saturday morning isn’t a bad fallback.
Also, a team is looking at ways to upgrade the visual and organizational approach to these emails.  We’re making the best use possible of the ongoing pandemic.
On top of that effort, we’re also looking at reinstituting the monthly Urban Chat meetings.  These would be in addition to the Know Before You Grow forums and would offer an open opportunity to talk about what’s happening in Petaluma.  More details soon.
After all that intro, there isn’t much new on the calendar this week.  The three meetings last week have been crossed off, the one meeting scheduled for this week, the intended final meeting of the VMT ad-hoc committee, has again been postponed by City Hall, and no new meetings have been added.  But we expect a lot of new content by Friday.
Questions or comments?  Let me know. – Dave Alden
P.S. If you wish to be removed from this email list, or have folks to add, please advise.
MORE DETAILS – All events are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to participate on-line.
Monday, February 22 – Petaluma City Council – Among other agenda items, the City Council will consider proposed changes to the Implementing Zoning Ordinance to restrict the development of future gas stations.
The link to view and to participate in the meeting will be provided when published by the City.  The draft agenda can be viewed here.
Wednesday, February 24 – Know Before You Grow General Plan Series – Know Before You Grow has been planning a series of forums to help educate Petalumans to participate effectively in the General Plan process.  With the General Plan consultant selected and the General Plan Advisory Committee appointed, the scene is set for the KBYG effort to proceed, with the first forum now tentatively scheduled for February 24.
The forums will all be in the early evening.  Links to the forums will be provided when available.
Thursday, March 18 – General Plan Advisory Committee – The newly appointed GPAC will have their first meeting for orientation, committee rules and committee member roles.
The meeting will convene at 6:00pm.  Links to the agenda and to observe the meeting will be provided when published by the City.