Civic Engagement calendar courtesy of Petaluma Urban Chat

CALENDAR NOTES – “More Details” below provides further information, including links, for all events.
Tuesday, May 31 (Today!) – City of Petaluma – Deadline to submit for possible appointment to City commissions/committees/boards.
Wednesday, June 1 (Tomorrow) – Petaluma Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Committee – Discussion of proposed Oyster Cove project among other agenda items
Wednesday, June 8 – Know Before You Grow – Presentation on upcoming 15-minute neighborhood study by Sustainable Design Assistance Team (SDAT)  (Note: This is a change of topic and presenter.)
Thursday, June 9 – Petaluma Urban Chat – Monthly agenda-free meeting (Note: This is a change from the standing date of the fourth Thursday.)
Wednesday, June 15 – Petaluma Urban Chat – Petaluma visit by Chuck Marohn, StrongTowns founder and executive director
Thursday, June 16 – Petaluma General Plan Advisory Committee – Presentation on status of Housing Element
Wednesday, June 29 – Know Before You Grow – Presentation on neighborhood retail, speaker to be confirmed  (Note: This is a newly scheduled forum.)
Tuesday, July 12 – Petaluma Planning Commission – Workshop on Oyster Cove project
Wednesday, July 13 – Know Before You Grow – Presentation by Scannell Properties of proposed project between Hopper Street and the Petaluma River  (Note: This is a changed date for Scannell.)
Tuesday, July 26 – Petaluma Planning Commission – Workshop on Scannell project
Friday, August 3 – Public participation in four-day SDAT study
The big topic at Urban Chat remains the Wednesday, June 15 Petaluma visit by Chuck Marohn, founder and executive director of StrongTowns.  That visit is now firmly in place, with the contract signed and local arrangements well underway.
The public event will be at 7:00pm.  In addition to general comments about the StrongTowns philosophy on traffic safety and sustainable municipal finances, Marohn has been asked to share insights that he gleaned during an afternoon tour of Petaluma traffic hotspots.
This tour will be in the company of senior City staff, developers, consultants, and community members who have shown a strong commitment to traffic safety issues.
A Q&A session will follow the Marohn presentation.  Also, everyone will be encouraged to stay around afterwards to exchange thoughts with Marohn and others regarding insights gained and appropriate next steps.
For those not yet familiar with the StrongTowns message on traffic safety, check out this recent article from the Congress for the New Urbanism.  If you do nothing else, look at the two alternative flowcharts at the top of the article.  The one on the left may strike you as irrational, but it’s truly how speed limits are set.  The crux of the StrongTowns message is moving us to the flowchart on the right.
If comparing the two flowcharts motivates you to attend the StrongTowns presentation, great.  Space is limited, so register as soon as possible.   Look below for the link.
Lastly, we thank everyone who has donated toward bringing StrongTowns to Petaluma, which includes City Hall.  However, further resources will be appreciated for both the StrongTowns visit and the complementary transit-oriented development event being planned for July.  Donations can be made on the Urban Chat website.
Questions or comments?  Let me know. – Dave Alden  707-338-8388
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MORE DETAILS – All events are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to participate in person or on-line.
Tuesday, May 31 (Today!)  – City of Petaluma – Many of the appointments to the City of Petaluma’s commissions, committees, and boards expire on June 30.  Accordingly, the City Clerk is seeking applications for appointment or re-appointment to the bodies.  For those willing to invest the time to understand the roles of the bodies and to prepare for the meetings, this can be an effective way to participate in our community.
The deadline to apply is May 31, 5:00pm.  That’s today!  Information on how to apply is here.
Wednesday, June 1 (Tomorrow) – Petaluma Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Committee – Among other agenda items, PBAC will consider the walking and bicycling elements of the proposed Oyster Cove project on D Street near the downtown SMART station.  This project has previously been the subject of a KBYG forum.  The link to the forum recording is here.
The meeting will convene at 6:30pm.  The link to the agenda is here.  (Please note that the agenda doesn’t note Oyster Cove, but the attachments for Oyster Cove are included.)  The link to the Oyster Cove project description is here.  The link to attend and to participate in the meeting is mistakenly omitted from the agenda but should be available on the Petaluma Agenda webpage closer to the meeting time.
Wednesday, June 8 – Know Before You Grow – In early August, the American Institute of Architects Sustainable Design Assistance Team (SDAT) will do a study of how to create 15-minute neighborhoods in Petaluma.  Members of the local organizing team for the study will present a summary of how the process will work and what the goals will be.
The forum will convene at 7:00pm.  The link to attend and to participate is here.
Thursday, June 9 – Petaluma Urban Chat – The monthly meeting of Urban Chat is almost always agenda-free, allowing an enjoyable and enlightening conversation to wander freely over the urbanist landscape.  The monthly meeting is normally held on the fourth Thursday of the month, but with the StrongTowns visit scheduled for June 15, the meeting has been moved to the second Thursday for any necessary last-minute coordination.
It’s possible there will also be a meeting on the fourth Thursday of June, but that decision will be made later.
The meeting will convene at noon.  With the pandemic again waning, we’ve resumed meeting at the Aqus Café at 2nd and H Streets.
Wednesday, June 15 – Petaluma Urban Chat – StrongTowns executive director Chuck Marohn will visit Petaluma.  The itinerary will include an afternoon tour of traffic hotspots with Public Works and Police staff and an evening presentation on traffic safety and other elements of the StrongTowns philosophy.  It’s expected that observations from the afternoon tour will be shared during the evening presentation.
The evening presentation will begin at 7:00pm and will be held in the primary meeting room of the Hotel Petaluma at 205 Kentucky Street.  There will be no charge to attend, but space is limited so advanced registration is required.  The registration link is here.  Please sign up soon to avoid missing out on this interesting and productive evening.
Thursday, June 16 – Petaluma General Plan Advisory Committee – The General Plan Advisory Committee will again meet.  On the agenda will be a presentation on the draft Housing Element.  As a reminder, although a Housing Element is integrated into a general plan, it’s a state mandate independent of the Petaluma General Plan process.  As a result, it’s under a different timeline and must be completed in early 2023.
The meeting will convene at 6:30pm.  Links to the agenda and to attend and participate in the meeting will be provided when published.
Wednesday, June 29 – Know Before You Grow – As a follow-up to the June 8 SDAT presentation and the June 15 StrongTowns visit, and to lay further groundwork for the early August SDAT study, KBYG will have a presentation on the opportunities and constraints around neighborhood retail.  The speaker hasn’t yet been confirmed.  Details will follow.
The forum will convene at 7:00pm.  The link to attend and to participate is here.
Tuesday, July 12 – Petaluma Planning Commission – The Planning Commission will conduct a workshop on the proposed Oyster Cove project.  This project was presented to KBYG on February 23.  The recording of that forum is available here.
The meeting will convene at 7:00pm.  Links to the agenda and to attend and participate in the meeting will be provided when published.
Wednesday, July 13 – Know Before You Grow – Scannell Properties will present a proposed development plan for their site along the Petaluma River, bounded by Shamrock Materials, Hopper Street, and the River Front project.
This is an intriguing site.  It’s close enough to the downtown Petaluma SMART station and Petaluma Transit Mall to be considered transit-oriented development.  But the walkable and bikeable routes to those two transit hubs aren’t user-friendly, a deficiency that could undermine transit orientation and create additional car-dependency.
The forum will convene at 7:00pm.  The link to attend and to participate is here.
Tuesday, July 26 – Petaluma Planning Commission – The Planning Commission will conduct a workshop on the proposed Scannell project.  This is the same project that will be presented to KBYG on July 13.
The meeting will convene at 7:00pm.  Links to the agenda and to attend and participate in the meeting will be provided when published.
Friday, August 3 – AIA SDAT – As part of the four-day study of 15-minute neighborhoods in Petaluma, extensive public input will be sought on Friday, August 3, during the day and in the evening. Discussions are underway about extending the public input into the weekend.
Details will be provided as they’re finalized, but please mark your calendars now for the four-day effort, including a presentation to the City Council on Monday evening, August 6.