The End – October 2017 Essay – Create The Good Life

The End

What does ‘the end ‘ bring up for you? Fear? Relief? Expectation? Resignation?

Most of us have our preferences for certain phases of the circle of life. Some of us lust for beginnings, the excitement of a vast horizon, the promise of something new. We relish bursting forth. Others of us are drawn to the middle where we can nurture, develop, hone, and maintain that which already exists. We appreciate the hum of the well–oiled system. Then there are those of us who crave completion—bringing in the harvest, running the last leg of the race and crossing the finish line. We revel in the pride, acknowledgement, and relief of the final ta-da.

The United States is a country big on beginnings. Founded in revolution with wide open spaces, it has long been the place where people from old countries come to find fresh starts. Also good at middles, the U.S. developed industries that pulse with productivity and civic institutions to foster a thriving middle class. But when it comes to endings, Americans have less of an appetite, distancing ourselves from any possible whiff of defeat, decay, and dare we say it, death. …

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This is the October 2017 essay from Beth Meredith and Eric Storm of Create The Good Life.