Practice, Practice, Practice – July 2017 Essay – Create The Good Life

Practice, Practice, Practice

There are words which are just not sexy like budget, commitment, saddle shoe, and practice. While some people may have positive associations with practice as in “I had a blast at soccer practice,” others of us slump in our chairs at memories of say, piano practice. Da da da DUM!

It’s a shame, too, because in our experience people would benefit from more practice in their lives. It’s a common misperception that to make changes we need more information, when what we really need is to apply what we already know.

So let’s see if we can ease those groaning associations and breathe in some fresh energy and excitement to this valuable activity.

When we say practice we include all of these definitions: …

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This is the July 2017 monthly essay from Beth Meredith and Eric Storm of Create The Good Life.