March in the Butter & Egg Day Parade! Adults & kids needed for Petaluma Open Space!

Oh man, we have some exciting news and we need your help.

To spread the word about our efforts to protect Petaluma Open Space in a fun way… we decided to join the Butter and Egg Day Parade on April 29th.

The theme is the City of Makers… so we need some makers.

We’d like to create a Christo inspired piece (see photo.) Our first thought was one huge roll of green fabric that is carried by all community members who love the hills (bird watchers, dog walkers, bike riders, hikers etc.)

Then we came up with the idea of creating a huge quilt. If every person who loves these hills can contribute a piece of green fabric then we can find a way to sew them all together and attach the fabric to poles.

In addition to fabric, we also need someone with sewing skills.

We’d also like kids to dress up as open space animals/plants: deer, hawks, rabbits, foxes, flowers (california poppies would be awesome) and trees.

Please send an email ( if you are interested in:

helping organize this project
donating fabric (preferably bed sheet sheet/table cloth size, but if we get small swatches we’ll find a way to make them work)
making costumes

To RSVP to march in the parade with us (the more the merrier), go to:

Sign the petition to save Petaluma’s Open Space at