Getting Personal – April 2017 Essay – Create The Good Life

Getting Personal

For a month I spent the better part of each day trying to relax my body and mind as deeply as I could. It helped that I was sick and had little ability to do much else. I was also aided by a slew of British archeology TV shows which hovered perfectly between sparkly and soothing. Over a couple of weeks I was finally able to get to a place of physical and mental ease I had never before experienced. You may be thinking, “Really? You were practicing relaxing? How hard is that?” Well, if you have a personality like mine, it’s really, REALLY hard.

The impetus for this experiment was the Enneagram, a personality typology system which outlines nine basic types of people. We’ve been working with this system for many years, and we find it does an excellent job of describing a wide range of human motivations, goals, and worldviews. One common concern about typologies is that they pigeonhole people in limiting and inaccurate ways. While this is possible, we find that a good typing system actually expands perceptions by describing ways of thinking and behaving beyond our personal awareness. Instead of interpreting the world from just one perspective—our own—we can come to see the world from a variety of points of view.

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This is the April 2017 monthly essay from Beth Meredith and Eric Storm of Create The Good Life