During the Holidays and Beyond
In the spirit of community recovery and healing, a group of experienced grief counselors
and grief educators have joined together to offer free grief support related to a wide
variety of losses stemming from the October 2017 firestorm. The emotional toll of this
tragedy is far-reaching and will take time to heal; we are here to support you and your
significant others.
Knowing it’s often difficult to travel to an office appointment, individuals in need of
emotional support may call and request a telephone, FaceTime or Skype session. This offer
is limited to three calls, 45–50 minutes. If further services are needed, referral resources
will be made available. The phone consultations are free and all information confidential.
While trauma always incorporates grief, the two states are very different in how you
experience them and what effect they may have on you. It is often helpful to connect with
someone who will listen without judgment, encourage and acknowledge all of your
emotions, and support you as you move toward a renewed sense of purpose and meaning.
To request a support session or more information about our program,
Telephone 707-763- 3808
Please share this message with organizations, family, friends and colleagues who may know
of those impacted by the fires.
Heidi Cary, PhD, MFT, has assisted people coping with loss and trauma for the past 27
years. She has helped facilitate the adjustment to and recovery from crisis for children,
adults, and families.
Nancy Estes, MFT, CT, has been providing grief support and education in the Bay Area for
the past 25 years. She has worked with many individuals struggling with the loss of loved
ones, as well as those living through a traumatic situation.
Myrtle Heery, PhD, MFT, has provided counseling and education about trauma and grief to
adults and families in Sonoma County for more than 30 years. With compassion, patience
and knowledge of the immense emotional territory of traumatic grief, she has accompanied
many survivors through a wide variety of tragedies.
Bev Miller, grief educator for 30 years with hospice services, has provided bereavement
support and education to those experiencing significant life changes and loss. She
understands how the manifestations of grief, although normal, can have an overwhelming
impact on mind, heart, and spirit—sometimes leading to significant depression and even
physical illness.
The North Bay Fire Counseling program is sponsored by The International Institute for
Humanistic Studies, a nonprofit 501c(3) organization in Petaluma, California.
4940 Bodega Ave., Petaluma, CA 94952 • 707-763- 3808 •