Decision No. 1,341 – May 2017 Essay – Create The Good Life

Decision No. 1,341

Thanks for reading this essay. As one of the many thousands of decisions you will make today, we appreciate your choice. Now on to decision no. 1,342: Should you continue reading? Our recommendation: Yes!

Estimates of how many decisions we make every day range from the thousands to the tens of thousands, and include everything from whether to hit snooze on the alarm clock in the morning to the “floss or not” deliberation at night. While some of our decision-making is conscious, a lot of it flies under our awareness radar. Studies in economics and neuroscience increasingly demonstrate how factors like biology, conditioning, and social cues unconsciously impact the choices we make. In addition, we all have a wide range of cognitive biases and thought patterns which make us “predictably irrational” in the words of one researcher.

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This is the April 2017 monthly essay from Beth Meredith and Eric Storm of Create The Good Life.