Civic Involvement AND Great Education: The Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury

The mission of the Civil Grand Jury is to promote positive change by providing oversight to county, city government and special districts within Sonoma County. Each year 19 citizens are selected for a one-year term (July to June). The selection process involves (1) Applying (late March), (2) an in-depth introduction at the Superior Court (early May), (3) individual interviews with judges for those who chose to continue, and (4) random selection (late June).

Grand Jurors use their collective wisdom, judgment, and common sense to investigate citizen complaints, whistleblower reports, and any government operations of broad public interest. Grand Jury investigations are confidential. The integrity of the Grand Jury process depends on this mutual confidentiality. Jurors are also trained to corroborate any information they gather in interviews.

The Grand Jury serves as another window into the governmental processes to assist in public transparency.

Please visit the website: for more information and access to public reports. I will be working with John Crowley to arrange a public meeting at Aqus for further discussion.

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