Keep our Youngstown Senior Mobile Home Park residents in their home

“Petaluma People Services Center is helping the residents of Youngstown Senior Mobile Home Park raise the money they need to hire an expert witness for a January arbitration hearing which will determine if the new owner of their park is allowed to almost double their rent!
New owners purchased the park last year, and have filed a petition with the City of Petaluma to raise residents’ space rent by $286.22 a month!  This approximately 43% increase requires that the park owners and residents go through an arbitration process to determine if this massive increase is warranted. Park management has hired a law firm and two expert witnesses to convince the arbitrator that the park owners are entitled to the increase they want.
All of the Youngstown residents are senior citizens, and most are low income seniors who cannot afford to hire lawyers and experts to fight park management’s expensive legal team. Fortunately, lawyers from Legal Aid of Sonoma County and California Rural Legal Assistance have agreed to represent the park residents at no cost. However, the residents still need to raise $10,000 for a top notch expert witness to counter the expert opinions of park management’s two paid experts.
For many of the residents in this 102-unit neighborhood, built in 1978, this extreme rent increase may force them into homelessness, since they will be unable to pay the new monthly rate and will have nowhere else to go, given the extremely limited affordable options in the city and county.
Please donate below (2) to the Youngstown Residents’ Expert Witness Fund to help ensure that the rents at Youngstown Senior Mobile Home Park remain affordable for low income seniors in Petaluma.”