Life’s all about juggling, right?
So, why not learn how?

The Aqus Juggling Project is an interactive and innovative way of using the activity of partner juggling to inspire collaboration, focus and determination. We work with people to create environments of teamwork that build on cooperation, trust and interdependence.

Why Juggle?  Juggling is an active form of meditation that helps strengthen mental focus and healthy brain function while improving and maintaining hand-eye coordination.  Researchers and physicians believe that juggling stimulates brain growth and can stave off degenerative brain diseases, such as Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Educators have also found that juggling increases the capacity to maintain focus and as such, it is especially beneficial for those with Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD.  Additionally, this is a practice that improves determination and builds discipline while providing the benefit of movement and physical agility.

Why Partner Juggle?  Juggling in teams or “Partner Juggling” can serve to break down social barriers and provide the opportunity to create and further strong and positive relationships. Through social coordination, this exercise helps people exercise cooperation and interdependence by providing a common focus.

What does ‘Partner Juggling’ consist of?  Participants are randomly paired up into teams of two and are then set to the task of creating their own juggling balls from the materials provided.  Once the teams have created 4 balls each, participants are shown the basics of partner juggling where partners stand facing each other with a ball in each hand and learn to juggle by throwing and passing all 4 simultaneously in circular pattern.  Depending on the coordination of the participants, each team is typically able to juggle anywhere from 2 to 4 balls.

Is juggling difficult?  While there are countless variations on juggling, everyone can gain satisfaction and reap the benefits of this practice by juggling even 1 ball.  Typically, most people can learn to partner juggle with 4 balls within an hour.  In the process, they are practicing cooperation, focus, interdependence and building social capital.


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