Two rooms available in nice neighborhood

I have two rooms available in my 4 bedroom house on the Eastside in a quiet neighborhood with great neighbors. For only $1200 you can have two 10 x 10 rooms, with private bathroom, linen closet and half the house that includes a living room, formal dining room, den, two-car garage, backyard w/covered patio and fire pit, kitchen w/breakfast nook and counter dining option. There is also loft space for your “junk”.

We are single mom and 10 yr old boy. We live an active lifestyle of sports, activities and weekend getaways. We are mostly tidy, and clean. We welcome you to help create a comfortable living space and garden area. We are non-judgmental and happy folks. for further information, please contact Lissa at 707-364-0294 either via text or call. Rooms available immediately.