Purchasing & Product Coordinator: Assist Materials Manager

Hi, I am the Materials Manager for a Bay Area manufacturer.  If you meet the following criteria, and/or believe that you are the person for this position, please respond to this inquiry for an initial meeting to discuss your intentions and experience:
1) Have you completed a minimum of basic bookkeeping and financial accounting at the college level?
2) Do you have at least 3 years of experience in inventory management, accounting/bookkeeping, and purchasing. A plus if your experience be in a manufacturing environment.
3) Your attitude, honesty, work ethics and integrity are key to your success in this position.


Under the supervision of the Purchasing/Materials Manager, you will be working in various areas such as creating RMAs, purchasing, inventory control, reporting (in Excel or other relevant manufacturing reporting application), invoicing, forecasting and purchase order processing. Experience working within an accounting department in a manufacturing environment is a plus. A degree in accounting is not requisite for this position, but we prefer that the applicant has completed basic bookkeeping and financial accounting programs at a college level. Experience working with Fishbowl Inventory is a plus but not a requirement. This position requires high-level organizational skills to support and perform time sensitive processes. Applicant must be able to effectively navigate constant production/forecast changes and communicate effectively with vendors, customers and internal staff members.


  • Able to effectively communicate in person, on the phone, and in writing, in a timely manner.
  • Ability to communicate with, and influence, all levels of leadership both internally and externally.
  • Provide outstanding service to customers (e.g. Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing Teams) and develop healthy working relations with fellow employees.
  • Proficient in and with a track record of quickly learning new technologies to manage daily order fulfillment activities.
  • Be highly organized, and respond quickly and accurately to requests that require time-sensitive prioritization in a multi-task driven, fast paced, and changing environment.
  • Critical thinker with excellent deductive reasoning skills.
  • Customer service oriented with the ability to rectify problematic situations.
  • Attentive listener that can follow instructions and work independently or in a group setting, as required.
  • Highly organized and committed to a 100% quality driven, expedient and repeatable shipping process.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

For initial contact, please email me at: morton@mortondavis.com