FREE hair and wig care for anyone dealing with hair loss due to cancer treatments with Becky de la Rosa via SHEAR LOVE PROGRAM

I have been providing free services to women with cancer for over a decade as a way to honor my mother who died from cancer when I was 13. I feel very passionately that feeling good about how you look aids the healing process and am here to assist with that in any way I can. I offer 3 FREE visits to my boutique salon on Oak Hill, Becky’s Organic Beauty Bungalow, that will assist with each stage of hair loss and regrowth. I am a caring and empathetic person and will do my very best to ensure that anyone who is dealing with such a devastating life event will get the utmost support from me and we will get through this together! This is a way for me to give back and be of service and there is absolutely no strings attached. Please refer anyone to me at (415) 871-1412 or shoot me an email at: or visit:

Love and gratitude, Becky