DAVID KORTEN – Eco-nomics for an Ecological Civilization

David Korten (MBA, PhD) David is co-founder of YES! Magazine, president of the Living Economics Forum, and a member of the Club of Rome. He writes a regular column for YES! and is the author of numerous books, including Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth; Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth; and the international best-seller, When Corporations Rule the World. He is an internationally-known author, speaker, engaged citizen, and former Harvard Business School professor. He lived and worked in international development in Africa, Asia, and Latin America for 30 years on a mission to end global poverty by spreading the secrets of U.S. business success. He now works to raise global consciousness on the social and environmental devastation wrought by the unrestrained abuses of power practiced by transnational corporations. His focus is on building understanding and commitment to humanity’s imperative to transition to an Ecological Civilization, one that is grounded in strong local communities and supported by institutions, technology, and infrastructure. He issues a bold call to replace Wall Street’s phantom wealth machine with a new financial system devoted to the needs of the real wealth Main Street economies. He is currently framing a life-centric Eco-nomics to displace the money-centric Ego-nomics that celebrates potentially terminal economics dysfunction.


Solar Tuesday – Be part of Creating a Petaluma ‘Run by the Sun’

Hosted by John Crowley, you are invited to an evening of Q&A all about Solar.
Learn about the options available to you.

“We all are becoming more aware and committed to addressing our Climate Emergency.  I knew that I needed to make the leap to install solar at my house but  I didn’t know who to trust.  John Crowley was that trusted person for me.  He walked me through all the benefits and options.  He was knowledgeable and a strong project manager.  The whole install went well.  He stayed on every detail and now I am a very happy solar owner. ”
– Kevin McDonnell, Engineer & Petaluma City Council


“We are very pleased with the service and level of detail John provided us regarding the installation of SunRun solar. He was very thorough in his explanation of the rationale and advantages of going solar, patiently answering any and all questions, and was on-site during the installation process. We found John, along with SunRun, to be reliable and dependable and recommend him without reservation.”
– Meredith & Mike Simpson, Retired Petaluma Highschool Principal


Introduction to Modern Buddhism: The Path to Inner Peace

By understanding the foundations of Buddhist practice, or Dharma, we can more easily apply Buddhist teachings to our daily experiences. In this way we can begin to transform our lives, improve our relationships, and ultimately bring lasting happiness to ourselves and others. Topics include:

2/22 – What is a Buddhist?

3/1 – Karma and Reincarnation

3/8 – Why Do We Need a Spiritual Teacher?

3/15 – What is the Point of Meditation?

3/22 – The Power of Spiritual Community

3/29 – Finding Inner Refuge

Sonoma County’s native oak forests and woodlands are under attack – Comments Needed Now!


Sonoma County’s native oak forests and woodlands are under attack and we have a great opportunity to make a real impact in our county’s future.
The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is currently formulating their 5-year strategic plan and they must include real oak and forest land protections. For decades Sonoma County’s iconic oak forests have been excessively cleared in the name of development and vineyards. Much of this county-permitted cutting is being done without rigorous regard for the ecological importance of native oak and forest lands.
Oak woodlands destruction is an attack on Sonoma County’s wildlife and scenic identity. Residents of Sonoma County can make their voices heard and urge the Board of Supervisors to enact a moratorium on tree cutting, immediately. While vineyards are a landmark of our scenery, so are the native oak forests.
A moratorium on tree cutting is imperative for our native habitats as well as our ecological footprint as a county. If we are to really become carbon neutral by 2050, we need a moratorium on cutting until we have a clearer picture of the situation and have developed a realistic climate-oriented tree ordinance to regulate cutting in the future.
On September 17, 2019, the Board of Supervisors of Sonoma County declared a Climate Change Emergency and pledged to support a county-wide framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to pursue local actions that support, among other goals, to protect and enhance the value of open and working lands and increasing carbon sequestration. We need to hold our elected officials to their word via an immediate moratorium. Yes, we need to plant trees to sequester carbon and replace the trees we have lost, but we also need to protect our existing mature forests.
Native woodlands fight climate change with carbon sequestration, storing atmospheric carbon that would otherwise warm the planet. It’s proven that mature forests store significantly more carbon than younger trees. Oak forests sequester carbon in the form of biomass, deadwood, litter and in forest soils. The sink of carbon sequestered in forests helps to offset other sources of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, such as deforestation, forest fires, and fossil fuel emissions. We have a powerful tool to fight climate change “right in our backyard,” and we are chopping it down without a careful study of the repercussions.
Oak trees are a keystone species with over 100 species dependent on them. Oaks are the backbone of many different forest communities and provide immeasurable ecosystem services. Oaks are already plagued by sudden oak death in our region so there is absolutely no reason for us to be cutting down healthy, mature carbon sequestering trees that perform so many ecosystem-wide essential services.

Larry Hansen photo
Oaks are already plagued by sudden oak death in our region so there is absolutely no reason for us to be cutting down healthy, mature carbon sequestering trees that perform so many ecosystem-wide essential services.
Email our County Board of Supervisors and tell them you support a tree clearing moratorium at: https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/Board-of-Supervisors/Contact-Board-of-Supervisors/
District 1 Susan Gorin – Susan.Gorin@sonoma-county.org
District 2 David Rabbitt – David.Rabbitt@sonoma-county.org
District 3 – Chris Coursey – Chris.Coursey@sonoma-county.org
District 4 – James Gore – district4@sonoma-county.org
District 5 – Lynda Hopkins – district5@sonoma-county.org
To get involved or for more information, contact Aja Henry at aja@conservationaction.org
Aja Henry is a Humboldt State graduate and Assistant Field Manager with Sonoma County Conservation Action, she is taking the lead in Conservation Action’s efforts toward tree preservation and climate change resilience in Sonoma County.
Through education and grassroots organizing, Conservation Action engages with the public on environmental issues and policies that affect Sonoma County, influencing the way our area will be shaped for years to come.
Sonoma County Conservation Action
540 Pacific Ave
Santa Rosa CA 95404 United States

Drive Clean Bay Area Events

The Drive Clean Team is happy to announce our new FREE online tools designed to help you along your journey to driving electric. With over 50 EVs on the market there’s an EV for every lifestyle and budget and our tools will help you find the right one for you. Our Steps to Driving Electric page is a great place to get started and you might use it along with the downloadable New EV Buyers Checklist.

Join Drive Clean and our partners for a free webinar to learn all you need about EVs.

 Drive Clean Bay Area Events


Partner Events

We hope to see you at one of these events. If you have questions and can’t make it to one of these Zoom webinars, please feel free to email us at info@drivecleanbayarea.org.  Check our Events page for more events coming in April.

Best Regards,
Carleen Cullen
Executive Director
Drive Clean Bay Area

Wednesday Night Walk: Petaluma Downtown & Riverfront

Wednesday Night Walk: Petaluma Downtown & Riverfront

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:00 PM

Location details are available to members only.

3 SCO Members Went

Wednesday Night Walk: Petaluma Downtown and Riverfront * Want to walk for fitness and exercise? * New to walking and want to build up stamina? * Like a slower pace than our Tuesday Night Fitness Hike? * Would walking with a committed group of walkers help you? If you said yes to any of these, then the Wednesday Night Walk in Petaluma is for you. We…

Check out this Meetup →

Yoga for Osteoporosis & Healthy Bones, Gentle (ONLINE)

ONLINE classes are happening via Zoom.

Are you concerned about the quality of your bones or the potential of fractures? Recent research by Dr. Loren Fishman using Yoga to treat Osteoporosis and Osteopenia has shown promising results in increasing bone density. Come learn how to use yoga specifically to build bone strength and improve balancing skills, helping you reduce your risk of falling. Get the benefits of weight-bearing exercise without the stress on your joints of high-impact activities like running.

For those of you that want to get the benefits of doing Yoga for Osteoporosis but find it difficult to get down and up from the floor, this class will be done mostly seated in chairs, with some standing poses. It will be a more gentle version of my ongoing Yoga for Osteoporosis classes. Everything is optional, and modifications will be provided for those who need them. We will also go over basic alignment for healthy, pain-free posture in sitting, standing and bending.

Taught by Dana Davis, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified to teach Yoga for Osteoporosis by Loren Fishman, MD

Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Club Environmental Committee present “Chasing Ice”

We are showing the award winning documentary , “Chasing Ice” in February.

A film with National Geographic photographer James Balog tracing the melting of ice on the Greenland Ice Cap using time lapse photography. The star of the film will join us after the film for the Question and Answer time.

We will be showing, Chasing Ice
with time for questions & answers afterwards with
the star of the film, James Balog
Saturday, 2/27/21, 7-9 pm PST
SHARE THIS INFORMATION WIDELY. bring your own popcorn!
Philip Paskal is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: MOVIE NIGHT Zoom Meeting – “Chasing Ice”
Topic: Philip Paskal’s Zoom Meeting – MOVIE NIGHT, FEB 27th, 7-9 pm PST
Time: Feb 27, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 827 0146 4006

What is Buddhist Refuge?

Buddhism is the practice of Buddha’s teachings, also known as “Dharma” – a word that means “protection.” Buddha’s teachings are practical methods for overcoming the states of mind that lead to suffering. In this introductory talk, Gen Tenzin will explain how, by relying on Buddha’s teachings, we can develop the wisdom and inner strength that leads to lasting peace and freedom. He will also give a brief overview of Buddhist refuge practice in general, offering guidance and encouragement for cultivating this practice in our own life.

This intro talk will be followed by 2 sessions of a formal refuge retreat on Saturday, 2/27. These sessions are open to everyone and suitable for all levels of experience. You may also attend only the intro talk if you wish.

Ellie Cohen – The Path to Net-Negative Emissions by 2030: The Solutions Exist!

Ellie Cohen is the CEO of the Climate Center in Santa Rosa, CA. She is a leader in catalyzing cross-boundary, collaborative, and just solutions to climate change and environmental degradation.  The Climate Center has launched a rapid decarbonization campaign in California to align with the science for bold and swift climate solutions. Climate-Safe California is a powerful solution that climate experts have called bold, unique, urgently needed, and a comprehensive campaign that will catalyze similar efforts in other states, the nation, and the world. She has secured $100 million of conservation investments in over 2 million acres of agricultural lands for water, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and local communities. Cohen was also past president and CEO of Blue Point Conservation Science. She received her undergraduate degree with honors in botany from Duke University and a masters in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. This event is Live on Zoom, and a link will be sent upon registration.