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In-Home Caregiver

In-Home Caregiver   – Experienced In-Home Caregiver, State Certified Nurse Assistant: CNA – Worked extensively with the elderly and autistic adults – Offering high level care in a professional manner   Skills:  Administrative basics, organizational skills, attention to detail  Creating a nurturing environment  Injection prep, orthostatic blood pressure and vital sign readings, blood sugar readings, […]

Civic Engagement calendar courtesy of Petaluma Urban Chat

Wednesday, January 26 (This week) – Petaluma Public Works – Community workshop on North McDowell Boulevard reconstruction Wednesday, January 26 (This week) – Scannell Properties – Public outreach on Scannell development proposal at 500 Hopper Street Thursday, January 27 (This week) – Petaluma Urban Chat – Monthly agenda-free gathering Thursday, January 27 (This week) – Know Before You Grow […]

Petaluma Adult School

COMMUNITY EDUCATION Welcome back to school! Registration is now open! We hope you find something of interest in our listing below. Please call our office for any questions at 707-778-4633. BIRDS OF SONOMA COUNTY WOODWORKING MASHUP CONDITIONING METAL SHOP PETALUMA COMMUNITY BAND QIGONG STRENGTH AND BALANCE TAI CHI https://petalumaas.asapconnected.com/#CourseGroupID=18923

Worthwhile Reflections from His Holiness the Dalai Lama

THE PARADOX OF OUR AGE We have bigger houses But smaller families. More conveniences But less time. More knowledge But less judgement. More experts But more problems. More medicines But less healthiness. We’ve been all the way to the moon and back But have trouble crossing the street, To meet the new neighbor. We build […]

2022 in Love With Earth calendars

In Love With Earth calendars for the upcoming new year of 2022, are still available. This 12th edition offers beautiful new photos and  inspirational quotes, as well as continuing to benefit Daily Acts. They can be ordered online at www.lesliecurchack.com and can be found at retail stores throughout the county.  

Remembering Holiday Caroling

A wonderful photo of times past (and hopefully future) taken 2019 at the Hotel Petaluma when we organized the Holiday Caroling. These times will return. Wishing everyone happy holidays!!

2040 Documentary

Inspiring documentary called “2040.” It is rich in key solutions and is delivered in a highly creative way.  Enjoy! http://www.documentarymania.com/player.php?title=2040