Artists United is looking for people…

PMI-SFBAC is partnering with an interesting new arts group that needs project managers. Artists United began here in the Bay Area, with artists informally helping each other. The organization has grown into a force, with national and international reach.

Jennifer Wallace, a Wells Fargo VP and Board Co-Chair of Artists United, shares the backstory: “My friend Holly Million started Artists United when she saw her fellow filmmakers all re-creating the wheel each time they were trying to learn fundraising for a film, or writing up deal memos or shoot schedules. She saw how much time they were wasting having to recreate the wheel. She knew that collectively they had the knowledge to do all of this already. She committed to offering her knowledge to anyone who asked, and saw that people she helped started doing the same thing.”

“Holly realized that by offering artists a way to connect, to ask for help and to offer help, we could get art made faster and better, thereby helping artists with economic empowerment, stable housing and social justice issues. This sense of a ‘reciprocity ring’ took hold and three years later we have a membership of close to 40,000 people in almost 30 countries with about 80 partner organizations too.”

Artists United is poised to scale its operations, and Wallace feels its time to bring in some volunteer project managers. “The challenge is that a lot of the folks don’t have much experience in documenting and tracking tasks, being the accountability manager for tasks, etc. This is where we need help—being on a committee to help keep the conversations and activities focused and moving forward.”

Artists United is looking for a project manager for each of their executive committees:

  • Online Platform (where artists help each other and market their work)
  • Events (16 US markets, plus SXSW 2020 and Sundance 2020)
  • Advocacy (social justice, economic impact, empowerment)
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Creative Studio (graphic design, social media, AUTV)

They also seek a senior project manager to work with their Executive Director.

The ideal candidates will appreciate the arts and want to support them by using their project management skill sets.

Interested? Please contact Jennifer Wallace at