Your Nutrition Collaboration for Healing & Vitality; Functional Nutrition & Herbal Medicine w/Dennis Zerbo, M.A., CNE/CNC

Personalized consultations for acute & chronic issues, alternatives to prescription drugs, and overall health & wellness geared to your individual needs & beliefs… treating you as a whole, as well as your “symptoms.”
Dennis has worked in integrative pharmacies & had affiliations with Sonoma Valley Hospital (Integrative Health Network) & the Buck Institute, the latter of which he counseled those with early cognitive decline/dementia relative to their supplement protocols.

Issues we can address:

Anxiety/Stress, Brain Nourishment/Cognition, Dietary Balance (Protein, Fats, Carbs & Fiber), Digestive & Intestinal syndromes, Heart & Cardio, Immune Support, Inflammation/Joint, Insomnia, Metabolic Boosting & Weight Management, Pre-Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid Balance.

My website & phone#:; (707)765-9094;  Let’s chat!


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Sustainvest Quarterly News: RV’s Gone EV! Non-Profits Are Investing with their Mission and Congrats to the Big Apple!

Vintage Catrike Recumbent Tricycle for Sale – in Very Good Condition – $1500

Vintage Catrike Recumbent Tricycle for Sale (2007) – Very Good Condition


I am selling my beautiful REDrecumbent Catrike (2007 model) because it’s time for a bike that fits the roads where I live. It’s perfect for longer rides and climbs well. It also has a fair amount of ground clearance. The Trail has three 20″ wheels so you can find a few tires to fit at most any bike shop. At 32 pounds it’s the lightest and most stable trike in its price range. My catlike (with a total length of 71 inches) fits snugly in the back of my Honda Fit.

• Wheels Front & Rear 20″(406)
• Weight 32 lbs (14.5 Kg)
• Wheel Base 36″ (914mm)
• Wheel Track 29″ (737mm)
• Total Width 33″ (838mm)
• Turning Radius 86″ (2.18m)
• Gear Inch Range 18″ to 90″
• Ground Clearance 3.5″ (89mm)
• Total Height 23.5″ (597mm)
• Total Length 71″ (1803mm)

The boom is adjustable for riders of different heights. It has 27 speeds, with a great tight turning radius. Twist gears, brakes, and steering are all designed to work together with hands in place.

Extras include portable pump, ergonomic side mirrors, roomy rear nylon basket, headlamp, bell, women’s size 8 suede clip-in bike shoes in good condition.

New models go for $2950 and up. Most features are the same except that the new Catrikes fold.


Sandra         (650) 888-7875


Two rooms available in nice neighborhood

I have two rooms available in my 4 bedroom house on the Eastside in a quiet neighborhood with great neighbors. For only $1200 you can have two 10 x 10 rooms, with private bathroom, linen closet and half the house that includes a living room, formal dining room, den, two-car garage, backyard w/covered patio and fire pit, kitchen w/breakfast nook and counter dining option. There is also loft space for your “junk”.

We are single mom and 10 yr old boy. We live an active lifestyle of sports, activities and weekend getaways. We are mostly tidy, and clean. We welcome you to help create a comfortable living space and garden area. We are non-judgmental and happy folks. for further information, please contact Lissa at 707-364-0294 either via text or call. Rooms available immediately.


THE PETALUMA MUSIC FESTIVAL is in need of 90 volunteers to help us create a Zero Waste Recycling Event on Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at the Petaluma Fairgrounds.

Volunteers will work in pairs at the Recycling Stations, working 3 ½ hour shifts.  As a thank you, all volunteers will receive FREE ADMISSION into the show !  Volunteer for 2 shifts and you also get a free T-SHIRT!

Proceeds from this festival are donated to support music programs in Petaluma Public Schools!  Chip in –  it’s fun and all about the music!

Volunteers are needed for: Shift 1 (11:30 – 3:00)              Shift 2 (3:00 – 6:30)           Shift 3 (6:30 – 10:00)