Your Nutrition Collaboration for Healing & Vitality; Functional Nutrition & Herbal Medicine w/Dennis Zerbo, M.A., CNE/CNC

Personalized consultations for acute & chronic issues, alternatives to prescription drugs, and overall health & wellness geared to your individual needs & beliefs… treating you as a whole, as well as your “symptoms.”
Dennis has worked in integrative pharmacies & had affiliations with Sonoma Valley Hospital (Integrative Health Network) & the Buck Institute, the latter of which he counseled those with early cognitive decline/dementia relative to their supplement protocols.

Issues we can address:

Anxiety/Stress, Brain Nourishment/Cognition, Dietary Balance (Protein, Fats, Carbs & Fiber), Digestive & Intestinal syndromes, Heart & Cardio, Immune Support, Inflammation/Joint, Insomnia, Metabolic Boosting & Weight Management, Pre-Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid Balance.

My website & phone#:; (707)765-9094;  Let’s chat!


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